Instant HIV self test (finger prick)

You can order your free instant HIV test online. This test uses a single drop of blood produced by pricking your finger using a supplied lancet. You will be able to read your own result after 15 minutes.

What you need to know before ordering this test.

Please visit our HIV testing page to find out more about HIV testing [Link]

Contact details for support with testing or your result are included in the kit we send you.

Alternative ways of testing

You can also order an HIV test via our online STI test kit service, or by coming to see us at any one of our SHiP clinics [Link]. You can also contact our HIV partner organisation, the Eddystone Trust, to organise an HIV test [Link].

Next steps

When you request a test you will be sent an email to confirm the test request details.

The test will be sent to you in a white polythene envelope that is marked only with your name and address. The envelope is A5 in size and will fit easily through a standard letter box.

If you request a test you are consenting to complete an on line survey about taking the test.

Some individuals may receive a follow up telephone call from a member of our clinical team.

If you are happy with all the above, please complete the order form on the right of this page.

Test instructions

Please see the Biosure Self Test instructions [Link].


If you are worried that you might have caught HIV from sex within the last 72 hours, it may be possible to take a course of medication known as Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV infection taking hold. Please see our PEP page [Link] and call us on 01752 4321124. Out of hour clinic hours, please go straight to your nearest Emergency Department [Link]. PEP must be started within 72 hours.

Order Free HIV self test (finger prick)

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